The Crusader is one of the "unseen" Robotech mechs, where it is a variant of the armored Veritech Valkyrie Battloid. It is also one of the mechs in the original Battletech game "Battledroids" (though not one of the Battledroids line of minis, I don't think). In 2003, a "reseen" version was released with an all-new appearance.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This Crusader was painted using a painstaking blend technique. The red and black scheme is that of the 3rd Tikonov Republican Guard.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 04/2005.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
I started this Crusader as part of a painting demo in Chantilly, VA in December 2003. It's a wet brush arctic camo using Testors Model Master paints. This is a scheme I frequently use for mechs in the Free Rasalhague Republic, though I made the scheme up myself.

STATUS: Completed 01/2004.

Mech Picture Reseen casting (2003)
Here is the reseen Crusader. The missile racks surrounding the hands look kind of odd, but other than that I think this is one of the best of the Reseen. This mech is painted in a blue Lyran scheme, and has metallic blue scale-like patterns on the forearms.

STATUS: Completed and sold, 06/2003.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This mech is part of a pre-3050 era Steiner unit painted in field greens. The hex base was left mostly bare by customer request.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 02/2003.

Mech Picture "Heavy Battledroid #1"
Unseen casting
The mini seen here is painted to match the Crusader on the back of the Battledroids box set.

STATUS: Sold, 11/1999.

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