The Cestus mini was released in 2002. It comes with parts to make either the CTS-6Y gauss rifle version, or the CTS-6Z PPC version (no hands or gauss rifle). There appears to be no connection between this mech and the Battledroids mech of the same name.

Mech Picture CTS-6Z
This Cestus has been assembled as the alternate variant, which replaces the gauss rifle with twin arm-mounted PPCs. It has been painted in an Arcturan Guard scheme with Lyran Alliance markings, and includes a custom rock-like hex base.

STATUS: Completed, 10/2002. Sold, 2/2003.

Mech Picture CTS-6Y
This Cestus has been painted in the colors of the Stealthy Tigers, a pseudo- merc unit in frequent service to House Steiner. It has been assembled as the gauss rifle-toting CTS-6Y version.

STATUS: Completed and sold, 10/2002.

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