Caesar is frequently misspelled "Ceasar" by people who try to apply English grammar rules to the spelling of an ancient Roman name. :)

Mech Picture This mini is painted in a 15th Lyran Regulars scheme. It was part of the CSO diorama at Gencon 2008. I heavily modified it to make it posed like the picture in TRO 3050. Additionally, I replaced the gauss rifle with a more meaty piece.

STATUS: Completed 6/2008. Auctioned to benefit CSO diorama fund.

Mech Picture This 'Mech shows the paint scheme of the 2nd Freemen of the Free Rasalhague Republic. I invented this scheme and had it canonized through CSO. The official desc is:
The 2nd Freemen use a drab green scheme with upper torsos painted to resemble a wooded skyline at dusk. In arctic environments a white, tan and brown camo is used instead. In either case, the upper arms are painted silver and red nordic runes highlight their machines.

STATUS: Completed 1/2006.

Mech Picture "Brutus"
The Caesar was one of the first heavy battlemechs built for FedCom from the ground-up with lostech. With a gauss, ERPPC, and 4 MPL's, it makes a great front-line fighter. This mini is shown in "Steiner Camo" with house Steiner markings. It is stepping onto a street to bust some heads in the city.

STATUS: Sold, 10/1999. Re-acquired in 2004, cleaned up and re-sold shortly thereafter.

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