Allegedly, this mini was originally marketed as an Archer, perhaps even with Battledroids packaging. The top gun is allegedly the same piece as a Flea's arm, though I have never verified this. The mini was cast in 1986, and has been OOP for awhile but has managed to avoid becoming "unseen" somehow. It is frequently misspelled "Bombadier," probably because Jar Jar thinks "Deesa guy is Bombad!" (apologies for the 1998-era joke). Around 2008, a resculpt was produced based off of new art. Annoyingly, the artist changed the emphasis on the head details, effectively changing the cockpit placement.

Mech Picture Upgrade sculpt
This mini is painted in a New Belt Pirates scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 07/2009.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This Bombardier is painted white / yellow in a ComStar scheme with super detailing and checkers.

STATUS: Sold, Feb. 2001.

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