Black Knight

The standard Black Knight mini does not come with a sword / hatchet, but the most popular variants have one. So, I almost always add a melee device to the mini. Note that from the TRO pics, the right arm PPC should be mounted perpendicular to the upper arm, though many people incorrectly make it parallel. There are several sculpts of the mini:

Mech Picture Clanbuster sculpt
This is a second "Clanbuster" Black Knight that I did as a promo for Creative Juggernaut. It's also in a Comstar 7th Army scheme..

STATUS: Completed 06/2021. Promo; sold back to Creative Juggernaut.

Mech Picture Red Reaper sculpt
This Black Knight is in a Red Devils scheme. I've painted the shield to look like a classic fishing lure. :)

STATUS: Completed 06/2021.

Mech Picture Clanbuster sculpt
This Black Knight is one of two early-production promos that I painted for Creative Juggernaut, the company that produced them for Catalyst. It is painted in a Comstar 7th Army scheme. I assembled it during a CSO video tutorial to show off the sculpt.

STATUS: Completed 06/2021. Promo; sold back to Creative Juggernaut.

Mech Picture Mechwarrior casting
This miniature is part of a custom unit that includes a Black Knight, Warhammer IIC, and Atlas III.

STATUS: Completed 05/2019.

Mech Picture Mechwarrior casting
Here is a Black Knight in flat black. This is the new sculpt of the mini, which is styled after the video game appearance.

STATUS: Completed 08/2016.

Mech Picture Mechpack Ian casting
This mini has a 52nd Shadow Division paint scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 6/2008.

Mech Picture "Cain"
Original casting
This mech is painted in the classic all-white Word of Blake paint scheme. The markings are for the 1st Division. The Mechwarrior's callsign ("Cain") is printed on the right leg. It appears in Total Warfare on pp. 131, 256, 257.

STATUS: Completed 01/2006.

Mech Picture Original casting
This Black Knight has been modified to match its owner's custom machine. A sword has been added to the right arm, and the left has been modified to include a shield and a double gun barrel. The markings are for a custom merc unit.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 10/2003.

Mech Picture "Radek (Redux)"
Original casting
I decided to re-do one of my earlier works, because it had a lot of poential but didn't come out that great. So here we have my new version, still sporting Radek Thorson coat of arms but now wielding an axe. I also reposed the right arm, so that it's bent at the elbow. This makes the PPC look much better.

STATUS: Completed 7/2003.

Mech Picture Original casting
I painted this Black Knight in the colors of House Marik's elite Knights of the Inner Sphere. The right leg has a detail painting of a knight carrying a banner. I like the way this mini came out.

STATUS: Completed 5/2003, sold 6/2003.

Mech Picture "Lt. McDonnaugh"
Original casting
This is the first Black Knight I didn't modify. :) It is painted in a Kearny Highlanders scheme, complete with kilt markings and SLDF logo. Note, this is how the PPC is properly mounted.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered May 2002.

Mech Picture Custom Black Knight
Original casting
This Black Knight has been modified by request. The left arm has a gun pod (a la Marauder), while the right arm carries a sword. It has a 3-tone woodland paint scheme, and is part of a set with a marauder.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered April 2001.

Mech Picture "Heavy Panzer Command"
Original casting
This variant has a sword (hatchet-class) for close-in combat. It is painted in the alpine camo used by Richard's Panzer Brigade, and the markings indicate the pilot is loyal to House Steiner.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 06/1999.

Mech Picture "Radek's Siege Engine"
Original casting
This is another Black Knight. The flail serves as the mech's melee weapon, and this variant also has a command console installed to better coordinate battlefield operations. The medieval livery of this mech was selected as part of the custom-ordered paint scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 11/1998. Rephotographed 3/2004.

Mech Picture "Swamp King"
Original casting
This Star-League era command mech is an excellent choice for running battlefield operations. With 2 large lasers and an ER PPC, it can provide punishing fire support. The artist has added a flail to serve as the mech's "hatchet" providing myomer-crushing firepower at close range.

STATUS: SOLD, 02/1999.

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