In addition to the original sculpt, a resculpt based on the TRO 3055 Upgrade was introduced circa 2008.

Mech Picture 3055U sculpt
This mini is painted in a New Belt Pirates scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 07/2009.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This mech is part of an alpine lance assigned to House Davion. The lance is intended to be a heavy long-range skirmish force, consisting of: Bandersnatch, Falconer, Penetrator, and Yeoman.

STATUS: Sold, Jan 2000.

Mech Picture "The Frumious One"
Original sculpt
The Bandersnatch was developed by a former tech for the 12th Star Guard, so this mech is done in a paint scheme from that unit. It has a green drybrush paint job, with 12SG checkers and insignia. So what does the mech do? Think of it as a Marauder, except LB-10X instead of PPC-- and all the extra heat sinks are now medium lasers. Ow!!

STATUS: This mech was Sold, 01/2000.

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