The Avatar mini shares the same legs and feet as the Madcat mini. A FanTech version was released, which has a walking pose and missile box arms. In 2006, a resculpt version was released, which is larger and has better detail.

Mech Picture 2006 resculpt
This Avatar is painted in the colors of the 26th Lyran Guard. It features a meticulously blended paint scheme.
This mini appears in the Tech Manual rulebook on p. 308.
It also appears on page 75 of the Introductory Rulebook from the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.

STATUS: Completed 9/2006. Not for sale.

Mech Picture FanTech casting
This Avatar has a fading brown scheme and marking that suggest a Lyran Alliance RCT.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 3/2004.

Mech Picture Original casting
This Avatar is painted in the colors of the Lyran Alliance's 2nd Donegal Guard. Although I got this mech in the blister, the legs are from the box-set casting of the Madcat.

STATUS: Completed, 10/2003. Sold, 04/2004.

Mech Picture Original casting
This Avatar is painted in the colors of House Kurita's elite 2nd Genyosha. It is part of an entire battallion I did as a custom order. It includes general numbering in Kanji, and red numbering to indicate it's a lance commander.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2002.

Mech Picture "Zebra 1"
Original casting
This mech is part of the Zebra Lance, a House Marik unit that consists of: Avatar, Nova Cat, Madcat, and Vulture.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered March 2000.

Mech Picture "Vengeance"
Original casting
Avatar was one of the first Inner Sphere heavy omni mechs. Based loosely on the Mad Dog / Vulture, it is larger and more heavily armed. This one has a great all-green 3-tone camo job as well as Draconis Combine markings, since DC was the first house to field omnimechs.

STATUS: Sold, Dec 1999.

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