VLC-6N Vulcan (BD)

The Vulcan may be one of the more common Battledroids. Its body is nearly identical to the Cestus, Battleaxe, and Crossbow, but the arms terminate in gun barrels and the head is different. Some Fanzines claim it is a precursor to the Rifleman, though that's a stretch IMHO. It also has no relation to the TRO 3025 Vulcan. Stamped date: 1985.

Mech Picture This Vulcan is painted in the New Belt Pirates scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered July 2009.

Mech Picture The one shown here is decorated in Steiner Camo with Lyran Commonwealth markings, and it part of a matching set with a Battleaxe.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered July 2000.

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