Other Early Minis

There were several other miniatures released in Battledroids packaging. The others were later re-cast in other forms, and became a part of the Battletech universe. As such, they don't really belong in the Battledroids section. However, to be complete, I give a list of the rest of the early-casting minis below. Look for the pages for these mechs in the appropriate section.

Mech Picture Archer (Heavy)
The original cast Archer is smaller than the later casting, and has the cockpit up at the top of the mech rather than the belly.

Mech Picture Battlemaster (Assault)
The original cast Battlemaster is more rounded than the later version, and has a 2-handed grip on the gun.

Mech Picture Demolisher (Vehicles)
The original Demolisher was huge as far as vehicles go.

Mech Picture Griffin (Medium)
The original cast Griffin doesn't have a backpack, is larger, and has less detail.

Mech Picture Locust (Light)
The second casting of the Locust was very common, but this version is pretty rare. It's very tall and thin, and is difficult to find without a leg or laser broken.

Mech Picture Longbow (Assault)
The original cast Longbow is an "unseen" mech, though the later cast looks totally different and is not unseen.

Mech Picture Marauder (Heavy)
The original cast Marauder is larger and has much less detail than the later version. Also, it has thin pieces that frequently break.

Mech Picture Rifleman (Heavy)
The original cast Rifleman comes in 6 pieces, including separately attached legs.

Mech Picture Stinger (Light)
The original cast Singer looks almost identical to the Firebee.

Mech Picture Shadow Hawk (Medium)
The original cast Shadow Hawk is larger, and has less detail.

Mech Picture Warhammer (Heavy)
The original cast Warhammer comes in 5 pieces, including separately attached legs which resemble those from the original Rifleman.

Mech Picture Wasp in Running Pose (Light)
Also sometimes called the Running Firebee. The one I saw in blister was on an old orange Battletech card labelled as the "WSP-1A Wasp".

Mech Picture Wolverine (Medium)
The original pose of the Wolverine is standing more at attention, is slightly larger, and has less detail than the later version.

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