FIR-7B Firebee (BD)

The Firebee is another of the Robotech Veritech type designs, resembling a Stinger or Crusader. Sometimes, it is confused for an alternately-posed Phoenix Hawk. The mini does look pretty cool if you put Phoenix Hawk jump jets on its back. The mini is nearly indentical to the first casting Stinger, but with more detail. The Firebee has small lasers on the sides of the forearms, wider feet, no antenna bump on its head, and more detailing on the gun. See also the related Firebee light mech introduced in TRO3075.

Firebee This Firebee is painted in a Fusiliers of Oriente scheme (from the Camo Specs guide). It proudly wears House Marik's eagle on the left shoulder.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 11/2002.

Firebee This one is painted similar to the Stinger on the back of the Battledroids box, with metallic blue finish and gray blocking.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered July 2000.

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