FLC-4N Falcon (BD)

This casting of the Falcon dates back to Battledroids, and before that Robotech. It is part of a series of mechs modeled on the Robotech Veritech fighters. It is not clear if it is an ancestor of the modern Falcon appearing in TRO 3025, but it does hold a superfical resemblance to the newer version. Anyway, this casting is rare and long OOP.

Mech Picture This Falcon is painted in the classic Wolf Dragoon's Wolf Spider Battalion scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 12/2008.

Mech Picture "The Eyes"
This mini was detailed as a pre-exodus Star League Defense Force unit. It is painted in a Star League green and yellow parade paint scheme, and serves as a member of an SLDF armed recon lance.

STATUS: Sold, January 2000.

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