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I used to do custom work for people, though I've largely had to stop due to time commitments (as of January 2004). If you are interested in having some work done, feel free to contact me and tell me what you'd like, though chances are I won't be able to pick up the work. If you've got a mini I've never painted before and/or an interesting paint scheme, I'll try harder to make time. Aside from that, I am using my painting time to keep up with new releases and help out with Camo Specs Online. In case I start taking on work, I've left the details of how I do business below.

General Price Guidelines

Keep in mind that all the prices here are both negotiable and subject to change. They are based on material costs plus the amount of time it takes me to do the work. I'm showing these prices here so that potential buyers have an idea of what different things will cost. In general, the prices are set so that I'm always busy but never toally overloaded.

The prices reflect assembly, the paint job, sealing, terrain, and decals. My current price structure is a flexible $30 to paint most mechs... more if there's something difficult about the mini or paint scheme, less if there's something easy about it.

If I obtain the mini for you, the cost of the mech will be added to the total. I've started including the hex base / terrain detailing in the price.

Other factors can alter these prices. If the mini is difficult to assemble, such as an OmniMech, I'll add a little to the price. If it is a one-piece mini, I'll lower the price some. As far as paint schemes go, I'll lower the price for simple paint schemes (solid colors). If you order multiple minis with similar airbrush paint schemes (such as a matching lance), I'll give a discount.

In addition to assembly and painting, I can modify mechs or build custom minis. Frequent modifications include adding torso twist to omnimechs, reposing the hatchet on Hatchetmen, or moving the arms on the Orion. Joints modified like this will be drilled out and pinned with steel or brass for strength. I try to build the modification into the assembling / painting cost, but if it's something complicated I'll add a couple bucks. For custom minis, contact me with your request and I'll send you a quote.

General Arrangements

After we have agreed on a price and the details of the work, it is time to begin getting the materials. Sometimes I can obtain the mini, but if you already have it you can send it to me. In order to protect my investment of time, payment is expected before work is to begin. In general, it takes me around 4-6 weeks to complete the work once I have the materials.

Please email if you have any further questions or would like to request custom work.

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