Warhammer IIC

The Warhammer IIC is one of the rarest "unseen" IIC mechs. Though somewhat different in appearance from the Warhammer (with its origins in Robotech), it was deemed to be too similar and thus excluded from the Battletech universe. In 2003, a "reseen" version was released based on all new art. The reseen mini is rather large, but overall it is an excellent sculpt.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
This one is done in Clan Blood Spirit, Omega Galaxy colors. It's one of the first minis I did for myself in a while, and I used it in the 2004 Martial Olympiad to great effect.
This mini appears in the Tech Manual rulebook on p. 104.

STATUS: Completed, 7/2004. MINE.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
This Warhammer IIC has been painted in the Clan Steel Viper, Beta Galaxy paint scheme of burnt metal and green scales.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 11/2003.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
This Warhammer IIC is painted in a green Clan Jade Falcon Scheme, with Omega Galaxy insignia. It is mounted on a drought plain hex base. I like the way this one came out, thanks in part to the new casting.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 10/2003.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This mech has been painted in a Clan Ghost Bear cold-weather scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 6/2003.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This mini is painted in a blue / black / white Clan Coyote paint scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, 2001.

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