Mech Picture This mini was painted as my Round 4 entry in the Last Painter Standing II contest on The Miniatures Page [TMP]. The theme was "dazzle", the chaotic camo scheme used on some WWI warships. The legs have been reposed to give the stance.

STATUS: Completed, 9/2006.

Mech Picture This Vanquisher is piloted by Word of Blake Mechwarrior J. J. Binx. In a recent battle when Blakist positions were being overrun, Binx accidentally destroyed a company of enemy mechs. Upon hearing he had been promoted to General for this, he fainted dead away. Binx describes his mech as "mui, mui bombad".

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2004.
Note: no mods were needed for this mini (it really looks that way).

Mech Picture Vanquisher is a 100-ton long-range support mech first revealed in the new Comstar field manual. It has the c3i computer, 2 ER large lasers and 2 light gauss rifles. Oh, and a lot of armor. This one is painted in a drybrush gray scheme. It has Word of Blake markings, but for some reason I've also got some St. Ives markings on it, too.

STATUS: Sold, Dec. 2000.

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