Here are the various sculpts of this mini:

Mech Picture Fantech sculpt
This Turkina is painted in the Snow Raven Corvus Keshik scheme.

STATUS: Completed 8/2010.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
Ok, ok... I finally did a Turkina in CJF markings. In particular, this one has Jade Falcon Forest Camo (as seen in the CJF sourcebook) and the logo of Sigma Galaxy's 3rd Battle Cluster. The mech is part of the honor guard that is based out of Strana Mechty. This mini appears on p 26 of Classic Battletech Miniatures Rules.

STATUS: Completed 9/2002. Traded to Iron Wind Metals 9/2002.

Mech Picture The Blasphemer
Original sculpt
This Turkina once belonged to a Jade Falcon warrior. However, the warrior was beaten in single combat by the Lyran Alliance's Lt. Stevens in his VL-2T Vulcan. Rather than kill the Falcon warrior or destroy the mech, Stevens forced his opponent's surrender, and sold him into service as a merchant's assistant on Solaris. Since that time, Stevens has repainted the Turkina to fit in his Lyran Guards unit, and has since destroyed countless clanners in single combat. The right arm has kill markers for each Bloodnamed opponent. At current count there are 7 Falcons and a Wolf. Each of the opponents that survived was sold into non-combat, non-technical jobs in the Inner Sphere.

STATUS: Completed 8/2002. I was gonna keep it, but I broke down and sold it 6/2003.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This mech is part of a Clan Star Adder star (still not CJF!). The star was done is the deep blue with black / gray highlights common to Epsilon Galaxy.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered May 2002.

Mech Picture "Show Stopper"
Original sculpt
Turkina is a big ugly clan omnimech. It has tons of armor, and is set up to allow a huge payload. In general, it's a Clan Jade Falcon mech. However, this one is painted in a Clan Wolf-in-Exile paint scheme, and won a local painting contest.

STATUS: Sold, March 2001.

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