TDK-7X Thunder Hawk

Mech Picture "Adam Steiner"
This Thunderhawk is painted to match the personal mech of Adam Steiner, commander of the 14th Donegal Guards. It includes the markings of the unit as described in the Lyran FM as well as in the novels. There's also a small logo with the traditional Steiner gauntlet placed near the cockpit. This mech was used in my example of how to make the rock-like hex bases.

STATUS: Completed, 8/2002. Sold, 12/2002.

Mech Picture "Aztec Piledriver"
Thunder Hawk is a large mech with big guns -- usually 3 gauss rifles. This one is painted in Lyran Alliance colors. It follows the picture in the LA Field Manual for the 23rd Arcturan Guards, known as "The Frost Giants". This unit specializes in cold-weather combat.

STATUS: Sold, 10/2000.

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