Mech Picture This Tai-Sho is painted in the colors of House Kurita's 12th Ghost. It has a pattern of stars set against the night sky swirling around the mech, punctuated with 12 phases of the moon.

STATUS: Completed 3/2004. For sale at some point....

Mech Picture This mech was painted as part of a Battalion of House Kurita's 2nd Genyosha.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2003.

Mech Picture This mech is part of a modern-tech 3060 Kurita Assault Lance. It has a flashy white and green Draconis Combine paint scheme, and each mech is a DC design. The lance includes:
  • Akuma
  • O Bakemono
  • No Dachi
  • Taisho

STATUS: Completed Sept 2001, sold Oct. 2001.

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