Frequently, people put the legs on this mech backwards. The knees should point to the front: the Sagittaire does not have bird legs.

Mech Picture This Sagittaire was painted by Katherine Fanjoy. The paint scheme is House Davion's 41st Avalon Hussars (note the hand-painted logo).

STATUS: Completed, 11/2003.

Mech Picture "Spirit of 3067"
Ok, this one is my shot at recreating the cover of TRO 3067. It's not exactly the same, but about as close as I'm willing to go. ;)

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 01/2003.

Mech Picture "Diablo"
Sagittaire is a jumping assault mech with pulse lasers and a targeting computer. Needless to say, it's fairly popular as a close-in bruiser. This one is painted in a 1st Robinson Rangers scheme, inspired more by the scheme in the FedSun Field Manual than the cover of TRO 3067.

STATUS: Completed, 12/2002. Sold, 01/2003.

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