Mech Picture The pose the Nightstar mini is in is difficult to work with, since the arms stick out so far. Not many carrying cases can easily hold a mech that takes up so much volume, but it looks great on the table. This one is part of a FedCom RCT lance, with the paint scheme as shown in the FedSun Field Manual. The lance includes:
  • Devastator
  • Nightstar
  • Rakshasa
  • Salamander

STATUS: Completed Nov. 2001. Sold, 12/2001.

Mech Picture "Torn Asunder"
Nightstar looks somewhat like a newer, permittable version of the "Unseen" mech Marauder. It has the same styling, only the weapons mix is 2 gauss and an ERPPC. A fairly effective assault mech. The paint scheme on this one is a blue/purple twilight camo similar to that on the Sunder in TR3058.

STATUS: This mech was sold, July 2000.

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