Mech Picture Here's a Kodiak in a two-tone airbrushed Clan Ghost Bear cold-weather camo scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 11/2003.

Mech Picture This mech was painted as part of a Battalion of House Kurita's 2nd Genyosha.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2003.

Mech Picture Here is another arctic camo Kodiak. Ah, the Ghost Bears and their arctic camo.

STATUS: Custom job, completed May 2002.

Mech Picture Here is a big, scary Kodiak. It wants a hug. It's part of a Clan Ghost Bear arctic assault star that includes:
  • Kodiak
  • 2x Gladiator
  • Man O' War
  • Vulture

STATUS: Custom job, completed Oct. 2001.

Mech Picture The Kodiak is a huge assault mech for Clan Ghost Bear. Like its namesake, it is big and ugly and mean. The mini is shown in a charging pose, causing terror to its hapless victims. An alpine camo scheme and Ghost Bear markings adorn the mini.

STATUS: Sold, 10/1999.

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