Highlander IIC

Highlander IIC was made in 2 castings: the official FASA casting, and the Mechforce UK Ghost Bear version casting. The MFUK one is based on a highly modified Highlander mini, with parts from other figures (Kodiak) cast into it.

Mech Picture FASA casting
This mini is painted in the parade scheme of Clan Ghost Bear's Beta Galaxy.
This mini appears in Total Warfare on pp. 234, 246, and 270.

STATUS: Completed, 1/2006.

Mech Picture FASA casting
This Highlander IIC has been modified by replacing the right arm gauss rifle with the gauss rifle from a Hollander. Wreckage from an Awesome is visible on the hex base. The paint scheme is for Clan Goliath Scorpion's Alpha Galaxy.

STATUS: Completed, 1/2004.

Mech Picture "Gimme a Hand"
MFUK casting
Here is another of the UK version of the Highlander IIC. This one has a custom blue / black / white Clan Coyote paint scheme and is part of a IIC Star.

STATUS: Custom job, 2001.

Mech Picture FASA casting
The checkered bands on this mech indicate it as the unit leader. This mech is part of a Clan Cloud Cobra urban defense star consisting of:
  • Highlander IIC
  • Rifleman IIC
  • Urbanmech IIC
  • Wyvern IIC
  • Hunchback IIC

STATUS: Custom job, complete 12/2000.

Mech Picture FASA casting
This is a standard Highlander IIC mech, painted in a dull brown Wolf Clan paint scheme. The colors and paint job for this mech were developed by Brian Plunkitt of Fighting Pirannha Graphics.

STATUS: Sold, June 2001.

Mech Picture MFUK casting
This is the "Ghost Bear Highlander IIC" produced by Mechforce UK. It is based off the Highlander mini, but with modifications to both arms and head. This one has been painted in a CGB scheme with colors from the CGB paint set.

STATUS: Sold, May 2001.

Mech Picture "Ursa Major"
FASA casting
Highlander IIC is the Clan version of the already powerful Highlander mech. This is one of the few IIC mechs whose styling actually looks more menacing than the original mech from wihch it's derived. This one is painted in an arctic camo with Ghost Bear detailings and markings.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 06/2000.

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