Variants of the Highlander: Related mechs include the Highlander IIC, and the Claymore (an MFUK mini based on the Highlander). The Claymore arms were available separately, and sometimes are used on original sculpt Highlanders.

Mech Picture Rhonda Snord
Original sculpt
This Highlander was modified slightly to represent Rhonda Snord's mech. The right arm is from the MFUK, and I added the cabinet speakers on the shoulders per the text description.

STATUS: Completed 12/2017.

Mech Picture "Sgt. Campbell"
Original sculpt
This Highlander is painted in a Scottish Tartan scheme and bears the insignia of the Kearny Highlanders. It is part of a set with a Tempest, Blackwatch, and Black Knight.

STATUS: Custom job, completed May 2002.

Mech Picture "Great Scot"
Original sculpt
This is a big ugly assault mech from 2750. It jumps, and is infamous for its crushing DFA attack, the "highlander burial". This mini has green and red checkers, as well as Star League markings on it.

STATUS: Sold, 01/2000.

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