Grand Titan

Miniature variants:

Mech Picture Vengeance sculpt
This miniature is a Grand Titan, in a FWL 9th Regulan Hussars scheme.

STATUS: Completed 03/2018.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This Grand titan has been re-posed to give it a much more menacing stance. The left arm is holding a severed Banshee arm. The paint scheme is WOB 1st Division.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 6/2008.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
Grand Titan is a 100-ton mech that many people contend is the best IS assault mech ever. This one is painted in the white and gold paint scheme of the Knights of the Inner Sphere, as seen in the Field Manual: Free Worlds League.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered April 2001.

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