Grand Crusader

In early 2004, this mech was declared "unseen", meaning its image will no longer be used. A revised image appeared in TRO 3055U, followed by a new "reseen" miniature.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
This is what the new "reseen" Grand Crusader looks like. The mini itself has poor detailing and rough casting, but I did what I could with it. This one is a 43rd Shadow Division machine, and was part of a combined CSO / Battlecorps promotion in Summer 2007.

STATUS: Completed 6/2007. Sold 7/2008.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This Grand Crusader is painted in the scheme of the Free Worlds Guards.

STATUS: Completed 4/2004, Sold 5/2004.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
Here is a Grand Crusader painted by Katherine Fanjoy in the colors of House Marik's 5th Regulan Hussars (as seen in the FWL Field Manual). The attention to detail is superb, and the mini is worthy of any display gallery.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered February 2001.

Mech Picture "Grrrreat Crusader"
Unseen casting
Grand Crusader is a ComStar design that doesn't look or act much like a Crusader at all. This mini has a realistic tiger paint scheme, which depending on the terrain is either camoflauge or simply festive coloring. This mini does not have any specific unit markings; I felt it would fit with just about anyone.

STATUS: Sold, 03/2000.

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