The Goliath is one of the "unseen" lawsuit mechs. The image originally came from the anime series Dougram: Fang of the Sun. In that series, it was known as Crab Gunner, and there was a modified version called Tequila Gunner. A "reseen" version with original art was released in 2003, and a rocket-launcher version of the reseen model was released a couple years later.

Mech Picture Reseen RL casting
This Goliath is painted in the Marian IV Legio scheme. It is shown with the parts as originally shipped, though later an additional two RL units were included for the left side. This mini appears on p. 104 of the Tactical Operations rulebook with a Jenner and some SRM Carriers.

STATUS: Completed, 02/2007.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
This Goliath is one of the new "reseen" versions. I have painted it in "Steiner Camo", a scheme I invented that uses colors from the old Steiner logo. This mini is featured on a ceramic rock-like base.

STATUS: Completed, 02/2003. Sold, 03/2003.

Mech Picture This Golaith is painted in a drybrushed Lyran Guards paint scheme, and features a custom terrain base. It is part of a set used to illustrate painting techniques. The set includes:
  • Awesome
  • Battlemaster
  • Goliath
  • Mauler

STATUS: Custom job, delivered May 2001.

Mech Picture This mech is part of an assault lance with an Atlas, Daishi, and Battlemaster. The checker logo is a custom design, and the lance is finished with an airbrushed arctic camo. Weighing in at nearly 400 tons, this is about the nastiest lance you can put together.

STATUS: Custom Job, Delivered 10/1999.

Mech Picture "Assault Quad"
For a long time, the Goliath was the largest published quad mech. It was also the only useful quad mech during the Succession Wars. "Assault Quad" is shown with Kurita logo and a custom green shield insignia, ready to spearhead a charge against the enemy.

STATUS: This mech has been sold, 10/1999.

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