Mech Picture "Colin Grimm"
This mini was painted as my Round 2 entry in the Last Painter Standing II contest on The Miniatures Page [TMP]. The theme was "nose art", and I chose to paint this Emperor in a scheme inspired by WWII bombers, including a grim reaper nose art. The scheme is for a merc unit I invented called "The Heavy Bombardment Group". The arms and legs are reposed to give a more dynamic feel, and the autocannons have been bored out. In addition, I added some more detail to the back of the guns (on the elbows).

STATUS: Completed, May 2006.

Mech Picture Here is an Emperor painted in a green and yellow House Liao scheme. It was inspired by the one in the Master Rules book, painted in the First St. Ives Lancers colors. It's not really the same, but that's where the inspiration came from.

STATUS: Completed, Dec 2001. Sold, Feb 2002.

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