Daishi / Dire Wolf

In addition to the common casting, a modified version was made available in some Mechwarrior 3 boxed sets. This version appears to be based off the original, but has additional detail in some places. In 2004 a newer, larger sculpt was released.

Mech Picture 2004 casting
This mech is painted in a Clan Wolf scheme inspired by the one shown in the old Battletech Compendium. The unit markings are for Beta Galaxy.

STATUS: Completed 9/2004.

Mech Picture Original casting
This mech is painted in a green camo ("treeline" camo from the MW4 video game). It has Clan Jade Falcon markings on it.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 10/2003.

Mech Picture MW3 casting
This mech is painted in a Clan Blood Spirit scheme. It is one of the Mechwarrior 3 castings, which has additional raises panels on the hips, toes, and shoulders as well as a modified LRM box without the missile tips showing.

STATUS: Completed, 10/2002. Sold, 10/2002.

Mech Picture This Daishi is painted in a Clan Jade Falcon scheme inspired by the cover of TRO:3055. The markings indicate that it belongs to Gamma Galaxy's 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster, the Jade Claymores. This mini appears on p 26 of Classic Battletech Miniatures Rules.

STATUS: Completed 9/2002. Traded to Iron Wind Metals, 9/2002.

Mech Picture This mech is painted in the colors of Clan Star Adder's Epsilon Galaxy, and is part of a set containing a Daishi, a Masakari, 2 Kingfishers, and a Turkina.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered May 2002.

Mech Picture This mech is painted in a gray smoke camo scheme with Clan Smoke Jaguar markings. It is part of a star containing the following mechs:
  • Daishi
  • Iron Cheetah
  • Masakari
  • Vulture
  • Cauldron Born

STATUS: Custom job, delivered June 2001.

Mech Picture This mech is part of an arctic assault lance with Gladiator, Man-o-war, and Masakari. The composition of this lance is a typical Clan assault omni arrangement. The airbrushed paint scheme gives camoflauge suitable for fighting on the ice plains of polar regions. The unit shows the markings of Clan Ghost Bear.

STATUS: Custom Job, Delivered 11/1999.

Mech Picture This mech is part of an assault lance with an Atlas, Goliath, and Battlemaster. The checker logo is a custom design, and the lance is finished with an airbrushed arctic camo. Weighing in at nearly 400 tons, this is about the nastiest lance you can put together.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered February 10/1999.

Mech Picture "Terror from the Clans"
Simply put, the Daishi (Dire Wolf) is the most fearsome mech in the game (as of 3050). It's as big as they get, and it's totally tripped out with hideous Clan weaponry. This mini has a three-color airbrushed camo job, and blue/yellow lozengy markings. Using jeweler's tools, the artist has separated the gun barrels on each arm for a more realistic look than the stock mini.

STATUS: Sold, 03/1999.

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