Claymore (UK)

The Claymore is a Mechforce UK design that is a highly specialized version of the Highlander. In addition to releasing a Claymore figure, MFUK also released a parts pack that included pieces to convert a Highlander mini into a Claymore.

Mech Picture "McFlurry"
This one is made from a normal Highlander miniature, with the Claymore arms provided by MFUK. It's painted in a cold camo scheme with Kurita markings.

STATUS: Completed, 6/2001. Sold, 7/2001.

Mech Picture "Woad Warrior"
The Claymore is a Mechforce UK variant of the Highlander, with a sword and triple-strength myomer. note the changes to the mini's head and arms as compared to a Highlander. This one is painted in a tan and blue "woad" paint scheme, inspired by the ancient Pict barbarians of Scotland. It features Lyran markings.

STATUS: This mech was sold, 1/2001.

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