Two castings of the Charger were made: the original from 1987, and the 1998 resculpt, which represents the 3050 upgrade of the mech.

Mech Picture 1998 casting
This Charger is shown in the paint scheme of Clifton's Rangers. The mini shown here appears in the book Mercenaries Supplemental.

STATUS: Completed early 2004, not for sale.

Mech Picture 1998 casting
This mech was painted as part of a Battalion of House Kurita's 2nd Genyosha.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2003.

Mech Picture "Skunk"
1987 casting
This Charger includes the hand-held small laser seen on early models of this assault mech. The mini is painted in a skunk paint scheme, complete with skunk insignia on the shoulders. It is an excellent piece for harrassing your opponents with.

STATUS: Sold, 03/2000.

Mech Picture "Volcanic Dragon"
1998 casting
This is the new (1998) casting of the Charger, a classic 3025 assault mech. It is larger than the original, and the casting reflects the changes in weaponry given to the 3050 version. "Volcanic Dragon" is painted in a 3-tone igneous rock scheme, and has Kurita markings.

STATUS: Sold, 03/2000.

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