Blood Asp

There are several castings of the Blood Asp.

Mech Picture E sculpt
This Bloodasp is painted in a CHH Alpha Keshik scheme. This mini was for the Camospecs diorama at Gencon 2022.

STATUS: Completed 07/2022.

Mech Picture 2009 casting
This Blood Asp is painted in the classic CBS Blood Guard scheme. It was part of the CSO diorama at Gencon 2011.

STATUS: Completed 8/2011.

Mech Picture 2000 casting
This Blood Asp is painted in the classic Clan Blood Spirit Tau Galaxy scheme.

STATUS: Completed 3/2011.

Mech Picture 2004 casting
Here is a Clan Blood Spirit Alpha Galaxy Blood Asp. It's big, it's huge, and it probably won't fit on map sheets (hope you're using terrain). The paint scheme was invented by another artist on Camospecs Online, and this Mech appears on that site too.

STATUS: Completed 5/2004, sold 6/2004.

Mech Picture 2000 casting
Blood Asp is a big Clan mech, typically found in clans such as the Blood Spirits. However, in the video games, the mech sometimes shows up in FedCom forces. So, here's a Davion Heavy Guards Blood Asp.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 2/2002.

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