BKW-7R Blackwatch

Mech Picture This mech was painted as part of a Battalion of House Kurita's 2nd Genyosha.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2003.

Mech Picture "Sgt. MacDougal"
This Blackwatch is very similar to the previous one, with slight differences in markings.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2002.

Mech Picture Blackwatch is an advanced assault mech, which in some ways is similar to the Highlander. This one has been painted in drab with a traditional Scottish great kilt, and has the markings of SLDF and Kearny Highlanders. Opponents of this mech generally start bawling like a ninny when they get their arse whooped.

STATUS: Completed, Dec 2001. Sold, 3/2002.

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