Mech Picture "Cousin Olaf"
Here is a Berzerker repose that I did. The legs are moved into a running stance, and the goofy axe that comes with the mini has been replaced by a more menacing one. The mini is painted in a Skye Jaegers scheme, and the left leg features a hand-painted demon head inspired by the one on the Fenrir on the back of FM:LA.

STATUS: Completed 03/2003. Sold, 2/2003.

Mech Picture "Raesch"
Here is another mech with an airbrushed WWI German "Flying Circus" paint scheme. This one is modeled after the Fokker D.VII of Ltn. Raesch, commander of Jasta 4. The Berzerker is a big nasty assault mech, which has a hatchet and is very fast. It's good for herding the enemy into the crossfire of your support mechs.

STATUS: Sold, July 2001.

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