Behemoth / Stone Rhino

Here are the various sculpts of this mini: This mech doesn't have any connection to the Behemoth tank or Battledroids figure (Robotech "Monster").

Mech Picture Reseen casting
This Behemoth is painted in a Clan Jade Falcon Lambda Galaxy scheme. I did this one as somewhat of a tribute to the late great Joe Frazier, who painted an unseen Behemoth like this in the late 90s (it appears in CBT: Miniatures Rules). Frazier's Behemoth was one of the best 'Mech paintjobs of its day, and helped kick start the interest in CBT painting.

STATUS: Completed 7/2005.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This Behemoth is painted in a traditional Clan Ghost Bear arctic parade scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2002.

Mech Picture "The Falconer"
Unseen casting
Behemoth is a big ugly Clan mech favored by Clan Jade Falcon. This one is done in a scheme that is suggestive of the cover of 3055, but a little different. Note that the mini is completely different from the Battledroids Behemoth seen on the Battledroids page.

STATUS: Sold, April 2001.

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