Battlemaster is one of the "unseen" designs. The art originally came for the anime series Dougram: Fang of the Sun, where it was known as "Bigfoot". There are many sculpts of this mini:

Mech Picture Classic sculpt
This Battlemaster is painted in a 1st Davion Brigade of Guards scheme, done using the technique I taught at my painting class at GenCon 2019.

STATUS: Completed 05/2020.

Mech Picture "Classic" sculpt (prototype)
This mini is from the Camospecs Online diorama at GenCon 2018. It's painted in an 8th Sword of Light scheme.

STATUS: Completed 07/2018.

Mech Picture "Classic" sculpt (prototype)
This mini is from the Camospecs Online diorama at GenCon 2018. It's painted in a Wolf's Dragoons Zeta Galaxy scheme.

STATUS: Completed 07/2018.

Mech Picture "Classic" sculpt (prototype)
This Battlemaster is a prototype of the new Classic sculpt. I painted it while at GenCon 2017 for the CGL display case. The scheme is 24th Lyran Guards.

STATUS: Completed 08/2017.

Mech Picture WD sculpt
This Battlemaster is painted in a scheme I was testing out. It was loosely inspired by Napoleonic-era military uniforms.

STATUS: Completed 06/2016.

Mech Picture Plastic reseen Casting
This miniature is a Battlemaster that I did to test out the plastic model-like mini for the boxed set. It's pretty cool, though I still favor the metal ones. I painted this one in an alternate Arcturan Guards scheme.

STATUS: Completed 12/2014.

Mech Picture Reseen Casting
This mini is painted in a Lyran 5th Alliance Guards RCT scheme.

STATUS: Completed 2/2007.

Mech Picture "PBOD (Pink Battlemaster Of Doom)"
Reseen Casting
I noted once that the pink King Crab that Kathy painted draws and enormous amount of attention in games. So much so, that it's a distinct tactical advantage. So here we have a Battlemaster (complete with hearts on the legs) that will draw some fire. Because for all the girly appearance, this thing can sure dish out the pain.

STATUS: Completed and sold 03/2003.

Mech Picture "Instructor 2"
1987 Casting
This Battlemaster is painted in a drybrushed Lyran Guards paint scheme, and features a custom terrain base. It is part of a set used to illustrate painting techniques. The set includes:
  • Awesome
  • Battlemaster
  • Goliath
  • Mauler

STATUS: Custom job, delivered May 2001.

Mech Picture "Mack the Destroyer"
1987 Casting
Here's a Battlemaster in green drab Davion markings. 'Nuff said.

STATUS: Sold to buyer, 11/2000.

Mech Picture "Bush Master"
1986 Casting
This is the original (1986) casting of the Battlemaster, which was in production for only a very short time. As such, it is pretty hard to come by... even though the picture on the Assault Lance box set features this casting. "Bush Master" is painted in a dry bush camo scheme with Liao markings for combat in arid regions.

STATUS: Sold, 6/2000. Reacquired through trade, 11/2002.

Mech Picture "Lance CZ-#3"
1987 Casting
This mech is part of an assault lance with an Atlas, Daishi, and Goliath. The checker logo is a custom design, and the lance is finished with an airbrushed arctic camo. Weighing in at nearly 400 tons, this is about the nastiest lance you can put together.

STATUS: Custom Job, Delivered 10/1999.

Mech Picture "The General"
1987 Casting
This Battlemaster is a reproduction of the one shown in the Battletech Regimental Camo Specs manual. It is a stunning white with the markings of the Avalon Hussars, a unit loyal to the Federated Suns. This figure would make an excellent command mech.

STATUS: Sold, 08/1999.

Mech Picture "Baron II"
1987 Casting
The Baron mech that I did in the fall of 1998 was very popular, and I have revisited the work with the Baron II. This time, the mini is made of lead and is seen on a desert hex base. In addition, I have gone to a gloss black cockpit and added a little more detail.

STATUS: This mini was a custom job, sold 08/1999.

Mech Picture "The Baron"
1987 Casting, plastic
One of the original kings of the battlefield, the Battlemaster has been feared since the 3025 era. This example sports the markings of the infamous Red Baron, and will inspire similar dread among the enemy ranks. This miniature is cast in high-detail plastic with a pewter base.

STATUS: SOLD, 02/1999.

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