There are multiple Banshee sculpts:

Mech Picture AS sculpt
This mini has been modified to be carrying a found object as a club. I replaced the lower arms to make them look more beefy. This mini is painted in the scheme of The Stealths from the First Succession War. It was featured in the CSO Diorama at GenCon 2015.

STATUS: Completed 07/2015.

Mech Picture Beginner set casting
This mini is painted in the drab camo of the Fighting Shamrocks. It is featured in the color plates of Mercenaries Supplemental 2, and also appears on the inner box of the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.
This mini appears on page 16 of the Painting and Tactics Guide from the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.

STATUS: Completed 1/2005.

Mech Picture 2001 Casting
This Banshee was modified by the addition of a large rotary autocannon in place of the big goofy hand. You can make some nice stats for a mech with this arrangement. This one is painted in a blue scheme with the insignia of the merc unit Storm's Metal Thunder.

STATUS: Completed and sold, 02/2003.

Mech Picture "Handy Man"
2001 Casting
One of the first minis produced by Iron Wind Metals, this new casting of the Banshee was scheduled for release before FASA closed up shop in 2001. It finally hit the stores in Jan. 2002. This one is painted in a sky-blue Lyran Guards scheme.

STATUS: Completed 2/2002. Sold, 2/2002.

Mech Picture "Skyblade"
Old Casting
This Banshee is the original casting, modified with new lasers on the right arm, and a special barrel for the left arm gun. It reflects the load-out of my custom Banshee. The paint job is for the 11th Lyran Regulars, the Hammers. I'm proud of how this one came out... what do you think about it?
This mini appears in the Tech Manual rulebook on p. 151.

STATUS: Part of Dave's collection, not for sale.
Completed Sept 2001.

Mech Picture "2 Black and 2"
Old Casting
The original-casting Banshee mini comes with parts to configure it as either the 3050 version, or the 3025 version as shown here. This Banshee has a forest camo paint scheme and House Liao markings. It has fairly intricate detailing, and is an imposing miniature.

STATUS: Sold, 11/2000.

Mech Picture "Lyran Commander"
Old Casting
This is the original-casting Banshee, which comes with parts to make the version with the gun for a left arm or a hand there instead. The Banshee is one of the larger, older mechs fielded by the Lyran Commonwealth. The advent of recovered technology added a tremendous punch to this fearsome mech. At 95 tons, it is a popular command mech for units such as the Lyran guard, shown here.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 08/1999.

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