Annihilator has been released in several castings, all of which are very similar. The original casting has straight arms, and the recast (2000) has one bent and one straight arm. The box-set version appears to have the body of the original cast (same date stamp on the bottom) and two bent arms.

Mech Picture "Sellout"
2000 casting
I chose to paint this mech in a subdued desert 2-color contrast scheme. The markings on it are Pirate, because Pirates rule. AAAAaaarrr!

STATUS: Completed, 6/2003. Modified, 8/2004.

Mech Picture Box set casting
This is an example of the box set Annihilator. It's painted in a snow camo scheme with GBD decals, so it's intended as an Annihilator C. Normally I do camo with an airbrush, but this is one of my sharp-line jobs.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 5/2003.

Mech Picture Original casting
This mech is part of an assault lance. They have a light wood camo paintjob and Kurita markings. The lance consists of a Hatamoto Chi, an Annihilator, King Crab, and Shogun.

STATUS: Custom job, 9/2000.

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