Here are a list of Annihilator minis:

Mech Picture "Sellout"
2000 casting
I chose to paint this mech in a subdued desert 2-color contrast scheme. The markings on it are Pirate, because Pirates rule. AAAAaaarrr!

STATUS: Completed, 6/2003. Modified, 8/2004.

Mech Picture Box set casting
This is an example of the box set Annihilator. It's painted in a snow camo scheme with GBD decals, so it's intended as an Annihilator C. Normally I do camo with an airbrush, but this is one of my sharp-line jobs.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 5/2003.

Mech Picture Original casting
This mech is part of an assault lance. They have a light wood camo paintjob and Kurita markings. The lance consists of a Hatamoto Chi, an Annihilator, King Crab, and Shogun.

STATUS: Custom job, 9/2000.

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